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Here are our favorite articles for August 2018!

4 Types of Company Culture, Ranked From Best to Worst via Inc

With customer-focused culture being #1, different types of culture are dissected and we learn the strengths and weaknesses of each of their focus! After this great read, you’ll know which culture fits best with your company and the approach that you need to take.


PW Power Systems CEO Raul Pereda Talks Leadership and Winning Company Culture via Chief Executive

PWPS’s CEO Pereda takes pride in reinforcing all branches of his company and ensuring that they all work with the utmost synergy. Bolstering an internal working relationship has caused the company’s employee satisfaction to improve tenfold. Pereda dives into how he pulled off his successes.


4 Steps to Building a Stellar Company Culture in 2018 via Entrepreneur

Timely and detailed, here are the 4 steps to curating the very best company culture in 2018!


More than Words: How to Create a Values-Driven Business via Business

As your company’s core values are truly just words,  it’s how you bring them to action and enforce them company-wide that really matters. Read more to find out why.


Nine Ways to Boost Company Culture with Remote Workers via Forbes Young Entrepreneur Council

We love this article because it provides a detail list of how and why you need to make sure that your remote employees are in the loop. This also caught our eye because we’ve discussed similar topics! After you read up on what the Forbes YEC has to say, check out:


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