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A skills based hiring process is not enough. The Culture First Hiring Process saves time and increases retention by adding culture and personality matching to your hiring process!

Demystifying Human Behavior

Demystifying Human Behavior gets to the heart of many team performance and employee challenges. In the presentation we start by showing attendees how to make data driven hiring decisions using real world scenarios. Then we show how people are motivated by just about everything but money. We wrap up the session by learning ways to understand people and how to work with them based on the word choices they use and how they interact. 

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I recently attended a talk by Josh about personality tests and how they can be effective in hiring new employees and fostering a healthy work environment for your business.  Josh is energetic, thorough and efficient in his presentation. I walked away with action items and a new perspective on team relationships. I’m super excited to do an assessment with our team and hope to bring Josh in for a workshop for our growing company.

Lisa Hladish - EO Atlanta

Founder, Paper Daisies

I recently attended a seminar Josh Sweeney gave on the important of understanding employee motivations and integrating that into workplace culture.  His insights were invaluable as an owner of a growing business learning how to apply best practices to ensure a productive and happy staff. I would recommend any business owner attend Josh’s seminars – there is so much to learn!

Marc Hurwitz - EO South Florida

Founder, Crossroads Investigations

Learning what motivates your employees is a game changer when it comes to making decisions that affect teams within the company. I highly recommend Josh and Epic Culture for discovering how to optimize motivation within your company.

Allison Boyd - EO Atlanta

Founder, Metro Music Makers

Learning what motivates people was eye opening. It’s like knowing a type of love language for work!

Fran Rubio-Katz - EO South Florida

Founder, Learning Loft

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