There is so much more to a job than good hours and good pay. Employees these days are looking for so much more. They spend a large chunk of time, investing hours into the company they work for, so it’s important that they have a great work experience! We always talk about inside the company, and what the culture looks like, but what about outside?? Like when they have to TRAVEL?

The Gimme Vending Approach

The founders of Gimme Vending puts extra thought into the happiness of their employees. Besides team outings, new equipment, and overall great culture, Gimme makes sure to improve employee travel as well. 

“Outside of hitting success for the business, we want them to have a good experience while traveling. Their state of mind will influence how they interact with the customer, and if you are on the road a lot, making sure that each experience is a positive one will make sure all of our team members enjoy the process of traveling.” ~Cory Hewitt

Here are ways they make the traveling experience better:           

Video:  The Gimme E3 Compensation

  1. Upgrade! When given the opportunity, they upgrade the rental car (from economy to luxury) and/or the hotel room.                                   
  2. They research the local area for well known attractions, bars, and restaurants. Schedule a night on the town!                                    (Extra bonus!! Getting to know the home town of a customer shows that your business cares about the business relationship.)              
  3. For an employee that has a significant amount of travel ~ They get a week off here an there to decompress.

These extra steps make the employees travel much more enjoyable. They gain memories, get to know new areas, and remain positive when interacting with customers. 

Happy employees equals happy customers, equals a successful company!