The onboarding process at Gimme sends new hires in an intense test of their will and drive, with a HUGE reward at the end! It’s a way to filter out who is a culture fit, and who is not.

The Gimme Intensive Onboarding Experience

Josh: [00:09] Hi, my name’s Josh Sweeney with Epic Culture and welcome to the Culture Check video series. We’re here today to interview the team at Gimme and hear a little bit about their amazing company culture.

Testing for Culture Fit

[00:24] Do you have any culture questions that you ask during the interview process? Is there something that really gets to the essence of who they are and does that match the company culture?

Cory: [00:36] All of our team members do something called an Intense Onboarding Experience and for our customers lives, their lives start really, really early. So our customer’s lives usually start between midnight and 3:00 AM. So the first couple of days for anybody working at Gimme regardless of seniority or skill level, all people that join the Gimme team start out either between midnight and 3:00 in the morning. They get on a truck with one of our customers and they ride along there for a couple of days.

Long Hours

[01:05] So that will be days where you’re waking up at 11:00 PM to make it to the warehouse at midnight to ride on the truck for fourteen hours. You’re sweating, you’re moving product and you’re helping the people who we deal with everyday,. where you’re helping our customer and we make sure that you’re a good fit with them, too. And it’s just one of the ways that we check for action bias. If that scares you away, if you don’t want to do fourteen-hour days for the first couple of days at your new job, starting at midnight, then we know that you won’t be a good fit for us on our team.

Thrown to the Pit

Evan: [01:32] In our industry, our users get up very early in the morning, sometimes 2:00 AM and work a twelve-hour workday. So we like to throw new employees kind of into the pit. With those users but really. the biggest advantage of that is learning what our industry is like, and who our users are like from the very beginning. So that’s the first two days as a Gimme employee. It allows you to embrace the culture. And as a part of a new hire, you can assess if you’re a good fit for the company as well.

The Crash Course

[02:07] So everyone’s on the same page. everyone’s been in the field and it allows us to learn the industry very quickly. Why we’re in and how we work as well. But it does set the tone; you get back in the office and then a nine-to-five or eight-to-four workday seems like nothing because you’ve been up for two days straight at midnight or 1:00 AM or something like that. But while we’re in the office as well, it’s just something to keep in mind as we know what we’re building is a product. but it’s who’s going to be using that product and making sure that we’re delivering the best possible experience for those people as well.

Cory: [02:57] When they come back to the office and we celebrate them and we’ll have their favorite snacks.

Josh: [02:53] Give him a cot to get some sleep.

The Welcome Party

Cory: [02:55] Let them get some sleep then they come back and what we have waiting for them is a team, us the team, is really excited to welcome them back in. We’ve got their desks set up with their favorite snack products from our vending machine. We’ve got their brand new toolset setup, which for us is a new Apple watch, a new iPhone which right now is the iPhone X, we’ve got the Airpods, the iPad Mini, MacBook, and the curved—that you commented before—monitor from Samsung. We’ll have all that set up, waiting for them. We’re really excited like, “You made it! You made it to the Intense Onboarding Experience and you’re one of us. Now let’s get to work.”

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