In this episode, Josh explores the three fundamentals of hiring the right person, and what that process looks like from a high level.

Episode 52 | The Three Fundamentals Of Hiring The Right Person

[00:01] Welcome to The Epic Company Culture podcast, where your host, Josh Sweeney, will give you, the business leaders, HR professionals, and company culture aficionados, the knowledge you need to take your company culture to the next level.

Josh Sweeney: [00:16] Hello, my name is Josh Sweeney, and welcome to The Epic Company Culture podcast. Before we get started, I would like to thank Prototype Prime for this amazing podcasting space. The topic of today is the three fundamentals of hiring the right person. We’ve been doing a ton of epic hiring process workshops with customers recently, and we’ve really been able to distil things down into three sections that we feel convey what people need to do in order to hire the perfect person, and what that process looks like from a high level.

The Fundamentals

[00:53] The first fundamental is hiring for culture. You’ve been listening to this podcast, you know that we ask culture questions first. The great thing about asking culture questions first, is it’s very easy to do. There’s no way to circumvent or game the system. The culture question is a question where people don’t really know what answer you’re going for. So, going back to one of our culture questions, what was the last book you read? When did you read it, and why? We’re really testing for does this person want to, or engage in, a lot of continuing education? Is that part of who they are? That’s one of our culture questions.


[01:36] What we coach everybody to do is come up with these four or five culture questions that can be asked in the form of an email and you can filter people out very quickly by one, did they even answer and respond to the culture questions or are they just spamming you with their resume like they are everybody else? And then two, are they answering those culture questions in a way that matches your company culture? Fundamental one is, ask culture questions to filter people out right out of the gate.


[02:04] Now part two of the fundamentals that we use, is the personality assessment or hiring for personality. If they get through and they seem to match at least the preliminary culture match of the business, we’re going to have a more culture matching questions later, during the phone interview process, but the next portion is to do a personality assessment. We give them the personality assessment, the Epic Culture Personality assessment, and when we do that, what we’re really looking for, is we’re looking for an incongruity based on the job or the role that they’re applying for. We actually had this come up the other day, so we put out a marketing analytics person, somebody that’s in the marketing space, marketing angle. They’re going to be doing a lot of analytics and research work. That is a very specific personality from a personality trait perspective. Totally different from a social media marketing person, just who they are, how they work, their natural behaviours are all different.

[02:58] We posted this out and in interviewing this person and speaking with them about the role, come to find out doing some of the research and some of the analytics at their old job was the part that they hated the most. Although they applied for the job, when we started digging into their role and what they did and didn’t like in their previous role, what we’re asking for happened to somehow be what they disliked the most, which was very interesting. We don’t know how they decided that this was going to be a good role for them, but we decided to filter them out mainly because the personality type that they have, not only from the interview from what we heard, but also if we would have given them a personality assessment, we would have found that they were not the right person for the role. So fundamental number two, is the personality assessment.Again, we’re looking for incongruities. Are they a match for this role or is it counter to really who they are?


[03:53] And then the last one that we do is skills. Are they matching on the skill set? Do they have the skills for the role? Now this is one that everybody does. A lot of times people do this upfront. They do this with an applicant tracking system. They match on some sort of skill set. The reason we do this last is there’s a lot of reasons why, but the main one is it’s the most gamed part of the system. So, it’s very easy to game it. They look at what job posting you have. They decide to put that on their resume and they say yes, that’s a skill and the only reason that it would not get flagged is if the interviewer doesn’t ask them or really dig into one of those skills. So, they write it on their resume and if nobody asks them, they fly right through. No problem. They game the system in one.

[04:39] If they added it to their resume and somebody really digs into it, they’re gonna find out that they just added it for resume and skill matching purposes to get through the process. Because the skills people skills portion is the most easily gamed, we do this on the back end. You’ve already matched culture, we already feel like you’re a good match. We’ve already matched on personality, and then also with the skills piece, we know that if you don’t have the skill set needed, if you have maybe 90% of the skill set needed, we can determine if that’s something that we need to put in place in your growth, in your job growth and in your role so we can train you on that skill set. Because if you have the culture, you have the work ethic, you have the mentality, then you know whether you can or can’t do a small piece of the job is not necessarily a big deal. But we will match on skillset.


[05:30] So, the three fundamentals that we hire on are first, culture, second, the personality assessment, and third and last, the skill sets for the role.

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